We buy Amiga hardware games / Sell your Amiga computers games – Amiga Sales UK – Commodore

Are you looking to sell your Amiga? Fed up with time wasters on eBay / Facebook Marketplace? Found some Amiga items in a loft / house clearance.

We are in constant need of high-quality Commodore Amiga hardware and software including

  • Amiga Hardware / Computers including
    • Amiga 500
    • Amiga 500 Plus
    • Amiga 600
    • Amiga 1200
    • Amiga CD32
    • Amiga CDTV
    • Amiga 1000
    • Amiga 1500
    • Amiga 2000
    • Amiga 3000
    • Amiga 4000
  • Amiga games / software, boxed, floppy disks
  • Amiga Peripherals including joysticks, mice, power supplies
  • Amiga Monitors – Phillips – CRT TVs
  • Commodore / Amiga media, books magasines

We will also consider any other Retro gaming consoles including Sega, Nintendo, Sony, Atari, Commodore, Sinclair, BBC, Acorn, Retro PC hardware, CRTs, Studio monitors, Handheld Gaming, pocket gaming. Basically, anything related to retro gaming.

Contact [email protected] with your details. We also consider sales on commission. You can also find our details on our Contact Page