Here at Retro32, we don’t hide the fact that we love the A500 mini. Its glorious classic looks, outstanding performance and peripherals make it an excellent choice for those wanting to dip their toe back into the Amiga or even for those discovering it for the first time. The 25-games included feature some banging games but we all know you want more. A lot more!

A500 Mini Game Selector v1.3 is here, bringing you around 4000 Amiga games – all wrapped up in an easy-to-use interface that’ll have you playing and discovering new favourites in no time.

The latest release of this epic “mod” includes a huge number of game fixes and optimisations to make gaming on the mini Amiga even more enjoyable. Hats off to Paul for his epic effort, he’s a credit to the Amiga community.


You can download AGS 1.3 using the links below. We’re seeding the torrent and at the time of writing there at least 25 seeds, making it a very quick and reliable download.



The installation couldn’t be easier. Simply extract the contents of either the Full or Full PG zip file to the root of a FAT32 formatted memory stick and you’re away. Note that the PG folder is a child-friendly setup of AGS and removed any games that contain adult content.

We’d recommend using 64GB USB 3.1 drive to allow for future updates and also help with the transfer speeds when setting up the installation. Check out the links to Amazon below.

Buy your AGS 1.3 USB stick from Retro32

We’ve partnered with Paul, the creator of AGS 1.3 to offer an official writing service for the software. We’d prefer that you set it up yourself but we appreciate not everyone has the knowledge or equipment to do so. We offer a complete package with the latest AGS 1.3 delivered directly to your door. Note that a proportion of each sale goes to the creator or AGS together with a donation to the Centre of Computing History.

A500 Mini Game Selector USB stick (A500 mini) distro (writing service) – 64GB USB

We also have a number of A500 mini products available in our store, so check them out.