AGS version 2 is finally here!

After just 173 days since the release of AGS 1.5, version 2.0 of the epic AGS has been released. Created by the legend of Paul Vince, AGS offers a simple games launcher (iGame) and a fully featured (and hi-resolution) Amiga desktop experience.

With over 6300 games that have been painstakingly optimised for the Amiga A500 Mini, AGS is one of the most complete and feature-rich software “packages” for the Amiga A500. Now with the Added support of  WinUAE and the mighty Pi400.

What is AGS?

What is AGS? Well AGS is a games launcher and workbench installation for the A500 Mini, WinUAE and Raspberry Pi. It contains every WHDLoad game and demo release in Retroplay’s collection, fixed and optimized for modern emulation. It also has an extensive collection of other classic Amiga games and a full RTG Workbench installation with dozens of Amiga programs, thousands of music MOD files, many thousands of IFF samples, music programs, office programs, graphics programs, emulators and much more…

How to download AGS?

Full download links can be found on the AGS facebook page

Get your pre-installed AGS v2 USB stick from Retro32

This service is ONLY for those people who lack the skills to write the files on a USB stick. We’d prefer everyone to be able to create a USB stick yourself but we understand that it’s not always possible. Instructions for installation are freely available.

A500 Mini Game Selector USB stick (A500 mini) distro (writing service) – 64GB USB