Christmas is officially in full swing over on the Retro32 BBS, our resident SysOP and award-winning ascii artist FuZioN has been working flat out to give the board a festive makeover for the holiday season.

The BBS has been booming of late with 179 registered users with a constant flow of visits eager to check out the exclusive downloads available (without a U/D ratio in site). We’ve also added a load of new sections including the Hardware Photo Gallery.

The Retro32 BBS is now the official worldwide headquarters of the TTE – The Twitch Elite. Headed by the scene legend that is h0ffman, his weekly game-cracking streams have gone down a storm in the community with the resulting “cracks” uploaded to the BBS on a weekly basis.

The SysOP team have been delighted with the response and support for the BBS. We’re always looking for new content and ideas to help secure it as the Amiga’s leading active BBS and we’ll be looking to make 2024 another storming year for port 1337.

For more information and how to connect to the Retro32 BBS check out the page below.

On behalf of he SysOP team – Retro32 and FuZioN we salute you. o7

Retro32 BBS