AGS for the Amiga Mini is hands down the best software distribution / hack for the A500 Mini. Countless hours of development and tweaking have seen AGS dominate the Amiga mini space, and rightly so.

With the upcoming version 2.5 being released at some point in early December, Paul Vince, the legend behind AGS has given us a sneak peek into what improvements are coming in the latest version.

Paul has confirmed that 2.5 will be able for WinUAE with launcher, Raspberry Pi, A500 Mini and Real Hardware AGA version. He has also confirmed that an ECS version is coming soon (hopefully in December).

Keep checking the official website of AGS – – and why not support the development of AGS by making a small donation to Paul’s Coffee fund.

Retro32 offers a writing service for AGS that is officially endorsed by Paul and supports the continued development of the project. As soon as the new version is available this will be the default version provided.

Amiga Game Selector AGS USB stick (A500 mini – Amiga Mini) distro (writing service) – 64GB USB

Check out the What’s new text from the 2.5 release. A full games list is provided in our recent article below.

Amiga Game Selector – Games – Extras and Demo list 2.5

Welcome to Amiga Game Selector!

 What’s New
– Version v2.5 – Release date TBC
This text file includes all updates from v2.2 as well as v2.3 for real hardware
as it was an interim release.


1. Fixed Disposable Hero screen height.
2. Sped up CPU on Emerald Mines, Wings Of Death and Giana Sisters.
3. Fixed disk path in the EmuCPC script.
4. Fixed several music playback errors in the emulator scripts.
5. Fixed mode promotion on EdPlayer.
6. Fixed Klondike III loading.
7. Fixed Favourite backup not overwriting old archive.
8. Fixed Asterisk WHDLoad quit key config.
9. Fixed Premium Game Help not showing on the Workbench menu.
10. Fixed a couple of theme descriptions.
11. Fixed Rick Dangerous AGA speed on A500 mini.
12. Fixed Arkanoid NTSC error message.
13. Fixed Filter not removing separator line in main list.
14. Fixed Beta games not showing in other category lists.
15. Fixed Publisher / Demo Group list names.
16. Fixed DF0: error on the RHW image on the CD32.
17. Fixed Final Odyssey loading script.
18. Fixed Genetic Species loading script.
19. Fixed Hunting Frogs loading script.
20. Fixed Publisher / Demo Group list names.
21. Fixed 68040.library error on 68060 processors.
22. Fixed Boxx 3 Remake install.


1. Removed Emerald Mines from Games 0-Z, Games by Publisher/Year and 2-Player.
2. Added icons to Death Rally so it can be run in AGA from Workbench. (Not RHW version)
3. Added CRC checking to my download tool when updating.
4. Updated 51 games to the latest versions with the new crc checks.
5. Set WHDLoad dump path to T: for CD32 support.
6. Added support for the new Demo – Beta WHDLoad category.
7. Replaced player info for demos with release party info.
8. Added file requester to Amstrad CPC emulators.
9. Moved most RTG and PC games to Extra Drive.
10. Removed RTG and PC game entries from the launcher.
11. Moved Emulators from Work to the Extra drive.
12. Removed the extra Vista DEM files. (Most didn’t work)
13. Tweaked the startup scripts and added a new disclaimer screen.
14. Removed the Kickstart checks as they are no longer needed.
15. Disabled automatic JIT settings in Raspberry Pi AGS. Can be set
    manually from Amiberry or the Workbench ‘System’ menu.
16. Renamed USB drive to SHARED on all formats and updated WHDLoad save path.
17. Renamed the ‘Game Manuals’ list on the launcher to ‘Manuals & Cheats’
18. The music on the launcher now remembers the volume settings on startup.
19. Raspberry Pi Amiberry updated to v5.6.4
20. Raspberry Pi Dietpi updated to v8.42.1 (Bullseye)


1. Added ScummVM RTG.
2. Added 57,000 C64 .sid music files.
3. Added Mark Ferrari Slide Show.
4. Added AHI audio to real hardware version.
5. Added PCMCIA carddisk.device and CF0 dos driver to the real hardware version.
6. Added 956 Sega MegaDrive / Genesis games.
7. Added 20+ Extra Games supplied by Andreas Berntsson.
8. Added AMiMSX and 750 MSX games to Emulators in the launcher.
9. Added aBeeb, DOSBox AGA & RTG to Emulators on the Extra drive.
10. Added 313 Sega Game Gear games.
11. Added another 220 Master System games. Now up to 321 games.
12. Added a couple of games to the Hatari emulator.
13. Added 1400 cheats to the launcher’s `Manuals & Cheats` menu.
14. Added internet access via bsdsocket.library
15. Added CD32 controller quit key combo to the WHDLoad options. Use Blue + Stop.
16. Added demos to the random game list.

WHDLoad Updates

3D Net Analyzer (D.O.C.)
Animotion (Phenomena)
Another World Lost Level
Astro Marine Corps
Bagman 500
Book Of Songs (Complex)
Butcher Hill
Cannon Fodder New Campaign
Castlevania AGA (Demo)
Crash Garrett
Crayon Shinchan (Melon Dezign)
Cruise for a Corpse (IT)
Cruncher Factory
Crystal Symphonies (Phenomena)
Crystal Symphonies 2 (Phenomena)
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
Galaxian 500
Karate Champ
Killing Game Show
Kingdoms of England
Last Action Hero
Manchester UTD Premier League Champs
Manchester UTD Premier League Champs & Data Disk
Nathan Never (IT)
Nexus 7
Rogue Declan Zero
Space Quest – The Sarien Encounter
Super Cars 2 AGA (Beta)
Super Hang On
The Sword & the Rose
Total Recall

New WHDLoad Games / Demos

Amsterdam Blessings (Mad Wizards)
Blue Boy
Delta (Embassy)
Eon (The Black Lotus)
Frogger (Beta)
Gods (Controllable Jump) (Beta)
Hunt For Red October (German)
Last Train to Danzig (Ghostown & Haujobb)
Mime (Silicon)
Music Disk 3 (Vega)
Myster & Tremor (Embassy)
Quattro Stage One (Nature)
Shake Yourself (Starline)
Super Bagman
Zener Drive (Altair)

Extra Game Additions

4D Sports Driving + Extra Car Pack
Abbey of the Dead (Demo)
Agonman AGA
Alarcity Dungeon AGA (Demo)
Astro Blox Revisited
Ballistic Diplomacy
Barney Bear Goes Camping
Barney Bear Goes to School
Barney Bear Goes to the Farm
Blob v1.1 AGA
Brainkiller AGA
Bratwurst AGA
Bratwurst v1.01 AGA
Breathless (040/060 Fix) AGA
Brutal Homicide
Brutal Homicide 2
Chaos Heavy
Chaos Guns 2023 (Demo)
Crimbo AGA
Classic Zoo Super AGA
Cold Blooded Murder AGA
Dead Metal 3
Dogfight Simulator
Dylan Dog Series (Italian)
Electroman AGA (Demo)
Emerald Caves
Fred’s Journey
Future Combat
Future Combat 2
Hop to the Top 2 : Bunny’s Revenge
Hoyle’s Book of Games : Volume 1
Hoyle’s Book of Games : Volume 2
Monsters of Terror
Parachute (Game & Watch)
Project Quest (Demo)
Pssst! AGA
Rastan (Demo)
Shadows of Sergoth (Demo)
Space Battle
Sqrxz 2
Star Dust Wars
Super Bouncy AGA
Total Chaos v5 AGA
Total Chaos v7 AGA (Patched)
Vikings Field of Conquest
Willy’s Weirdy Nightmare
Wind Challengers ’92

Extra Game Updates

Boxx 1 (Remake)
Boxx 2 (Remake)
Boxx 3 (Remake)
Boxx 4
CannonBall v1.4 (Not RHW version)
Dark Forces v1.1 (Not RHW version)
Death Rally (Not RHW version)
Settle the World – Farm Update
Tony (Demo)
Worm Wars v9.32

Extra Games Removed

Boxx 2 (Remake Added Instead)
Karate Champ (Full release added)
Turbo Sprint
Dodgy Rocks

App / Program Additions (Emulated)

ABeeb v0.9.1
AmiFox v0.4
AmiMSX v3.2
AmiModRadio v0.99998
AmiSSL v5.10
AmiTube v1.4
DCTelnet v1.5
DGen v1.33
Delitracker v2.34
DosBox v0.74 (AGA & RTG)
IBrowse v2.4 (Demo)
Infinity Music Player v3.4.15
MiamiDX v1.0c
Next v4.1
OpenURL v7.18
Photogenics v5.0
RNoxfer v1.4
StoneCracker v4.10.3
SuperDuper v3.13
WookieChat v2.11
YAM v2.9p1
PNG Datatype v44

App / Program Additions (Real Hardware)

Super Duper v3.13

App / Program Updates

IGame v2.4.5
Protracker 2.3F 09.10.23
RedPill v0.9.29
ScummVM AGA/RTG v2.0.1
SnoopDOS v3.11
WHDLoad v19.0 (Beta)

App / Program Removed

Personal Paint

Dosbox Games Added

Frontier Elite II
Frontier First Encounters
Indianapolis 500
Oregon Train
Settlers 2
Star Control 2
Ultima Underworld
World Circuit