We absolutely love to see how passionate Amiga enthusiasts continue to devote themselves to the platform. In today’s feature, we look at some stunning Amiga Posters & Artwork by Vasilis Psomiadis!

His website showcases beautifully recreated retro posters together with his own design concepts featuring our beloved Amiga. It features a massive selection of Commodore Amiga posters, packaging, cover boxes, print ads, brochures and catalogs all available for free download at high quality, print-ready resolutions.

His collection features some absolutely stunning work, a few of which we’ll be having printed, framed, and mounted in Retro32 HQ. Our favorite being the A500 poster as above.

Check out the website https://amigaposters.github.io/ and do consider donating to support his future artwork. We’ve just made a contribution via his donate page and look forward to seeing further creation by Vasilis. Keep up the great work!

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