Time for another quick instructional video – this time on the epic Amiga PiStorm adapter board.

As per the video – please PLEASE be very careful when installing the PiStorm. Damaging the CPU / Socket or installing it the wrong way round could result in a very broken Amiga.

We do have a limited selection of PiStorms available from our website – you can check them out here. Amiga PiStorm UK stock. We ship worldwide and ONLY sell in-stock items. In most cases, your order is dispatched the same / next day.

I hope find this useful – any questions or comments then please let me know.

Credit again to the main man H0ffman for letting us use another epic tune in our video. You can find him on Soundcloud / Twitch https://soundcloud.com/h0ffman

Credit also to all the amazing guys behind the PiStorm project. It’s an epic bit of kit.