It must be at least 20 years since I last popped down to WHSmiths to pick up the latest Amiga Magazine. It was the highlight of my month (sad I know) and even though it meant a bus ride into Peterborough centre (thank you number 13) it was well worth the trip. My magazine of choice just had to be Amiga Format. Whist the editorial and game reviews / previews  was great, it was the cover disk that really wet my whiskers. In the days before the widespread internet access and with only Daval’s limited PD library, a cover disk gave me access to new game demos, programs and utilities that these days we take for granted. Being a child of limited funds, it was also a great way of securing an extra disk for my extensive “copied” game collection.

If you were into the Amiga and lived in the Peterborough area, you’ll remember Daval. They are still open to this day but with no Amigas unfortunately :(So imagine my excitement to hear (thanks to Ravi on the RetroHour Podcast) that a new UK based magazine will soon be available. Amiga-Addict. This independent publication “fuelled by love for the Amiga” will be available in both print and digital editions and will feature interviews, tutorials and reviews from the modern-day Amiga scene. Backed by a great group of staff very well known in the Amiga community, we can’t wait to see what it has in store for us.

It’s also being fully designed on Amiga hardware which is no small task in itself.

I’ve already secured my copy for just £6.49 delivered and whilst it won’t include a cover disk I can’t wait to read it from cover to cover whilst being surrounded by more Amigas than I could ever imagine owning as a 13-year-old lad. Whilst a cover disk would have been the icing on the cake it’s not a deal-breaker. Especially considering how easy it is to distribute Amiga software these days, something in the form of an ADF download would still be quite welcome.

This isn’t a sponsored piece but please do check out Amiga Addict, It great to see the Amiga community thriving and your preorder will ensure that I get my copy ASAP.

Secure your copy from Amiga-Addict

If you were into the Amiga back in the Peterborough area you’ll have known and probably spend some of your pocket money in Daval. Thankfully they are still open to this day!