Considering the beautiful yet “slippery” finish of the Analogue pocket it’s strange to see the lacklustre range of cases (exactly 1) available officially on the Analogue website. The clear case is a great way of showing off your lovely FPGA “gameboy” but it’s not exactly convenient for those who travel with the device and need room for an accessory (or five).

This brings me to the UGREEN Travel case / Organiser bag or whatever it wants to call itself. TLDR: It’s epic. Get one. Click here.

UGREEN Travel Case / Organiser / Bag for the Analogue Pocket

Not only is this priced at half the cost of the Analogue Pocket hard case, but it won’t take half a month to arrive with an import tax bill. But is it any good?

Is it big enough?

The UGREEN case boasts a tonne of space. Not only is there ample room for the pocket and a pair of headphones / USB cables (with the velcro divider). There’s enough room for an array of games, Analogue adapters, cables and even a mobile charger.

Considering its cavernous space, it is a little on the bulky side but it’s a solid compromise considering all the room for activities inside.

Is it tough enough?

Despite it not being a hard shell the construction is great and offers solid protection. All that room gives it a little space for flexing should it be sat on or dropped. Our only concern would be the screen. You might want to opt for a slim neoprene case or something to protect the screen from the game pouches above. It’s even been suggested (Thank Andi) that you place it upside down to offer a little more protection. Either way, I certainly feel confident on the move with it and have zero issues with taking it on swimming duties.

** My apologies for the screen peel crew. My screen protector hasn’t arrived yet and I’m trying not to tempt fate!

Would I recommend it?

For the money, this thing is hard to beat. It’s cheap, tough and has plenty of room to lug around some “real” games and a load of accessories. As it’s a generic case it could be repurposed for countless other tech-carrying duties too.

It’s got a handy strap and has a premium feel. We’ll give it a solid 8/10. Had it offered a little more protection for the main device, we’d be looking at 10s from the judges.

Where can you buy it?

You can get yours from Amazon – UGREEN CASE Analogue Pocket on Amazon

Let’s hear from you!

What are your experiences with the UGREEN case? Are you using a different case for your Analogue Pocket? Have you bought any other accessories that you’d recommend? Let’s hear from you in the comments below