Released at the Mountain Congress party 1993 this stunning demo smashed it, securing the group now less than first place in the Amiga compo.

Some digging actually revealed the “hidden part” by “let pressed LMB + RMB when booting” – we’re gonna give that a try and see if it works. Hint! : Type your handle as XTD in the credit – not sure what it says but I’d love to have it translated. Please leave a comment!


Unlike many other channels on YT, we record ALL our game/demos with original hardware (apart from our Amibian vids). F*** emulation for this. A demo like this deserves to be recorded with the proper hardware.

Recorded with my beloved Amiga 500, using an OSSC and Elgato Game HD capture card. Post-processing using Premier Pro Get your OSSC here – 


Download this little beauty for using in your Amiga Gotek or dirty emulation (how dare you)