Released at “The Gathering” 1993 this stunning demo smashed it, securing the group now less than first place in the Amiga compo. Great visuals, a stunning soundtrack and flying watermelons! What’s not to love?!?!


Unlike many other channels on YT, we record ALL our game/demos with original hardware (apart from our Amibian vids). F*** emulation for this. A demo like this deserves to be recorded with the proper hardware.

Recorded with my beloved Amiga 500, using an OSSC and Elgato Game HD capture card. Post-processing using Premier Pro Get your OSSC here –


Download this little beauty for using in your Amiga Gotek or dirty emulation (how dare you)

Included in the zip file below:

  • Kefrens – The Desert Dream Disk 1 ADF
  • Kefrens – The Desert Dream Disk 2 ADF