Other than the odd demos from the likes of Spaceballs and LSD – we were more into gaming on the Amiga back in the day. But like most youths, we dabbled with DPaint’s Animation but never really managed anything more than crude animations of stick men butchering each other.

So imagine my excitement to hear that the demoscene, namely the Amiga demoscene was very far from dead.

Now if you’re into the demoscene I’m sure you’d be aware of a little thing call Revision 2020, fortunately, despite the lockdown, the event went ahead as planned and didn’t stop some storming entries – our favorite being from Logicoma and Loonies – Way Too Rude (Amiga 64kb Demo). I’m still in shock that something like this is capable from the humble Amiga and f***ing hats off to Hoffman, Blueberry and Farfar for an astonishing demo.

Unlike our other videos, we’ll not be recording it for our own channel – so please give the video a like and show Hoffman and his fellow coders the support and love they deserve. Be sure to check out the Revision Demoparty channel for all the action from last weekend’s event

For those interested – the demo can be downloaded here