Nectarine Demoscene Radio is BACK!!! Well, it’s actually been back on air since June 2018 but the re-emergence of the site totally slipped me by and I’ve only just found this out by chance, after doing some casual nostalgic Googling. I may have missed the relaunch but I’m chuffed to bits that it is back online once again.

WTF is Nectarine?

For those of you who haven’t a clue what I’m wittering on about, well… Nectarine is a tribute site for computer/demoscene music artists and it streams music of various types 24/7 at 192kbps. The site itself is a huge database of artists/scene groups and contains files in various formats from SID/MOD/XM/IT all the way to more recent forms like FLAC, MP3, and AAC. There is a wealth of Amiga made tuneage online and I’d say a lot of it is chip-based, which will no doubt please the Cracktro lovers out there. Users can also vote for songs and request them to be added to the current playlist and there is also a message box to drop comments into or send greets. Registered users can also add info to the database and upload new tracks.

Nectarine itself has changed numerous times over the years and is currently in its 9th version. Luckily after the last version went off air, the old site has mostly been recovered (along with the user accounts) and around 35k songs have been ripped from the old stream.

Like many other scene related databases it relies on its user base for general support and input.

How to I listen to Nectarine Demoscene Radio

Simply head on over to and sign up for an account. Trust me, if you like chip-tune / demoscene music then you’re gonna f**king love this.

Let’s hear from you!

Do you have a favorite Demo Scene music track? Have you produced your own tracks? Let us know in the comments below