Speed issues and frames rates aside, Zeewolf 2 is an absolute stormer. Taking control of your attack helicopter, your missions “should you choose to accept them” have you undertaking various missions, destroying enemy vehicles, structures and rescuing prisoners.

The controls might take some getting used to but don’t let that put you off. With some practice, you’ll be skimming the ground and knocking out APCs with ease.

We did struggle with reloading weapons – use the cursors keys up and down to select the weapons a press right to equip.

We’d like to experience Zeewolf 2 on some more beefy hardware, so expect missions 3 & 4 on my beloved Amiga 1200 very soon.


Check out missions 1 & 2 on my trusty Amiga 500. That frame rate really does struggle when the action hots up.