I remember seeing my first glimpse of Mortal Kombat in a video rental store in Hamilton Hill, Western Australia nearly 30 years ago. The arcade cabinet was surrounded by kids 5 deep all eager to take on the Goro in this ultraviolet and hyper-realistic fighting game. Since that moment I’ve owned a copy of the original Mortal Kombat on every game platform I owned.

This ultra-violent fighting game was always heralded for its crisp sprite animation whose fluid and lifelike characters were like nothing the gaming community had seen before.

The video below offers a glimpse of the digitization process captured using real actors. It’s amazing to see how these iconic flighting moves started, going on to be cemented in the pages of gaming history. I mean, who hasn’t thrown an imaginary hooked rope at a friend whilst shouting “GET OVER HERE”.

These days motion capture is commonplace but this glimpse into gaming history shows how things were done all those years ago.

Let’s hear from you?

Which was your favorite move in Mortal Kombat? Who was your favorite character and which game in the franchise was your favorite?

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