Behold. Aim Climb.

Aim Climb is a wonderfully retro vertical platformer in which your aiming skill (or lack of) sees you on an upward trajectory of pixelated retro glory. 

The controls are simple. You click on an orb that catapults upwards, you must then “aim” and click on the further orbs to allow your continued assent to the stars. This all starts easy but as the levels increase so does the difficulty, frustration and pain in your forearm. Get it right and you’ll sail skyward like a feline angel, but f**k it up and you’ll be sent plummeting down while scrabbling to regain your position. Each successful climb is accompanied by an ever increased scaled note. It’s all beautifully executed, harder than a coffin nail and highly addictive.

The later levels dial up the difficulty to 11, leaving you both loving and hating this game. As you progress you’re introduced to different orbs which both help and hinder your efforts as they move out of reach in their moment of need. The introduction of platforms both static and one way introduces further obstacles in your path, adding to the difficulty with mouse slamming consequences.

I like simple platformers, this is my jam. It’s delightfully retro, simple to play, and very rewarding with just enough frustration mixed in to have you coming back for more. At only £5.19 on Steam, it’s well worth it. Check out the gameplay video below

A note from the Developer “Yul”

Yul“, the independent game developer, is pleased to announce the completion of a full English version of “Aim Climb” for English-speaking people to play, after seeing the popularity of the just-released mountain climbing game “Aim Climb” in japan.

This game is extremely hard!!

Clearing the game involves a great deal of hard work, but the sense of accomplishment when you reach the summit is immeasurable.

There are three difficulty levels, so everyone can enjoy the game, from those who are not accustomed to mouse operation to those who are skilled gamers.

Want it?

You can download Aim Climb on Steam:

** Disclaimer. This game was provided free of charge by the developer however this was NOT a paid review. I like it. A lot. Enjoy and maybe don’t use your expensive mouse if you’re prone to rage quits 😀