The first issue of the UK’s ONLY active Amiga magazine has finally arrived! Filled to the brim with glorious Amiga content, it was only missing one thing. That elusive coverdisk.

With a substantial cover disk collection on hand to offer some inspiration, I expertly crafted out my very own cover disk label to complete my precious first issue of Amiga Addict. Unfortunately, my first attempt was flawed by some alignment issues and even more worrying – a spelling mistake.

After some further tinkering and some much-needed proofreading, it was ready to complete my magazine and take its place with all the other overpriced Amiga hardware and memorabilia.

The disk received some great feedback from the community and a few surprising requests for the label image. Since you asked so nicely, click the download link below and print until your little heart is content.

That’s more like it! Even Amiga Bill approved it!