Our FIRST Amiga 500 video is finally here. You don’t understand the pain – trying to find a solution allowed my Elgato Game Capture HD to pull a signal from the Amiga RGB SCART cable (more on that in a later article) was a nightmare!

What an absolute treat this video is too! The mighty Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 by Gremlin. It’s beautifully crafted graphics, soundtrack and playability made this a go-to racer in my childhood. Smooth like butter, it showcased what the humble 16-bit console was capable of.

Developer: Gremlin
Released: 1992


I’m pretty chuffed how this game came out tbh, much better than the composite on my Amiga 1200. In fact, I’d go as far to say that it DOES it justice – so sit back and enjoy some Lotus action.