I played Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 to death as a kid, I even own a beautiful boxed copy. So how the f*** can I have missed this cracking little easter egg hidden in the right audio channel of the title music.


Having only been told this after posting our latest Lotus 3 video to the Commodore Amiga Facebook group, I was told by a fellow Amiga enthusiast of the hidden audio in the right channel. In case you think I’m making this sh!t up, I put together a little video in Premier to show you. Be sure to turn up the volume so you can hear it.

Video captured using our beloved Amiga 1208 (+8MB) – RGB Scart to a KAICO OSSC.

Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro. Check out the OSSC on Amazon here – https://amzn.to/2Xgg9Gp