What better way to view and investigate issues with an Amiga motherboard than with an X-Ray. This stunning photo provided by Gavin Yeo shows an Amiga 500 Rev5 in all its glory. As you would expect nothing is left to the imagination including the traces, dies and connections. It’s truly a work of art.

We reached out to Gavin for an idea around the inspiration behind the image, he said “I mainly did it to see what machine could see what. Kind of a personal exercise to learn the limits of each machine. X-Ray is good for BGA solder ball inspection and tracks like you say. Then Ultrasound inspection for the stuff X-Ray cannot see like delamination inside the chips.”

Whilst this is beyond the reach of many hobbyists, this image reveals the inner beauty of what I consider to be the most iconic of my beloved machines.

For those in the Amiga community concerned for the Amigas well being after the X-Ray, Gavin has confirmed that it is still working 🙂

For those wanting to see more of Gavins work then check him out on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/retro101gamer/ – as you’ll see, he’s certainly no stranger to the Amiga. Big thanks to Gavin for his time and also for sharing this amazing image.

Thanks to Gavin for supplying the hi res tif version of the image. Download below