We’ve been watching Graeme’s progress on Turbo Sprint on his YouTube channel (here) with baited breath, and it’s finally here!

You might remember this game (Super Sprint) from your childhood, that epic 3 player, wheel spinning, swear fest that left our hearts full and pockets empty.

Now you can relive all that action with this beautiful recreation –  Turbo Sprint.

Whilst only in Beta, this game is an absolute hoot and testament to all the hard work that Graeme has put into it. The cars handle perfectly, with that iconic rear bais slide as you bounce your way around the track – avoiding obstacles and challengers alike.

Unlike the original, Turbo Sprint offers 4 player action with competitors using both keyboard and joysticks (now I need to convince my wife and kids to play!)

You can download Beta 1.4 using the link below and please be aware that it is Beta and still has some work to be done, it’s also limited to 5 minutes of playtime in this Beta so don’t hang about.

This is an AGA game so you’ll need an Amiga A1200/A4000/CD32 or your favorite Amiga emulator – Maybe an Xbox?!


Personally, I can’t wait for post lockdown / covid so I can do this game justice and get some 4 player action on my beloved A1200. Be sure to check back soon for a mini-review and a playthrough video on our YouTube Channel.