It’s just 59 hours to go (at the time of this article being published) until the Kickstarter for Immortal Joysticks ends. The Kickstarter has already seen over 123 backers, securing a whopping 131 Immortal joysticks in total.

We had the pleasure of joining Andrew on his stand last weekend at Kickstart 01 and enjoyed a huge amount of interest from our fellow Amiga enthusiasts. I’m happy to report that the event saw a large number of backers from those who tried out the joysticks for themselves over the weekend. Even the mighty Neil from RMC covered these superb joysticks and released a video the next day (link below).

The Kickstarter is coming down to the wire with just over 4k left until it reaches its goal. I’ve secured my second stick (the gold Legend Edition) and highly recommend them to anyone looking for the best retro controller experience available today.

Click the link for the Kickstarter –

RMC Video link