Not everyone can afford a full fat 060 but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a Terrible Fire 1260. For just £40 I picked up an LC060 (no FPU) from China on top of the £250 for the card.

After finally managing to install the CPU (which was the most stressful thing ever) I’m actually over the moon with both the card and the fact that an LC060 arrived working from China – I didn’t even need to pay import duty on it. It seems to run pretty cool however it doesn’t seem to like being clocked at 75Mhz – and spoiler. Yes. It runs Doom. In fact this was my first real Doom experience ever on “real” Amiga hardware. It has some weird screen tearing by overall ran pretty damn good.

Let’s see how my 1260 “LITE” performs with some benchmarks – games and demos. We have SysInfo – Doom – Breathless AGA – Frontier – Gloom Deluxe – Zeewolf 2 – F/A 18 Interceptor – Pt 2 Horizons Demo by Unique.

Let me know in the comments if there’s something else you’d like to see my poor man’s TF1260 do. Enjoy and stay safe x

Music by djh0ffman – check him out on Twitch for some banging PT-1210 Amiga DJ Sets –