We’re proud to announce that Retro32 is now the proud sponsor of the epic Amiga 500 software “mod” Amiga Game Selector AGS for the mighty mini Amiga A500.

Not only have we provided hardware for the legend that is Paul Vince to work his magic on the PiStorm32 we’ve also helped with the creation of the official AGS website https://www.amigagameselector.co.uk

It’s an honour to support some fantastic projects, such as AGS and the Amiga UK Kickstart show. There are so many people in the community doing so much for us all, they deserve to be supported where possible.

We’re also delighted to announce that version 2.2 of AGS is now available. For more information and download links visit the Amiga Game Selector website.

Big thanks to Paul for all the work he’s put into AGS, he is doing god’s work.

Be sure to check out our Amiga Mini products, we offer a USB writing service for those who need a little help getting everything up and running plus a load more!