Ruff ‘N’ Tumble is one of those games I love the look at but I’m ABSOLUTELY shit at playing.

Our Hero Ruff Rogers is on a mission to save an alien planet from the evil Dr Destiny, he might just do it without me at the controls.

Stunning graphics and a beautifully fluid game made this a must-have for many Amiga gamers back in the day.


Video captured using our beloved Amiga 500 – RGB Scart to a KAICO OSSC. Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro 2020. Check out the OSSC on Amazon here –

Level Codes

Skip to Level 2 6581
Skip to Level 3 3178
Skip to Level 4 8392
Skip to the end 7339
Unlimited Lives 6717

ADF Download

You can download the ADF files to play on your Amiga (Gotek or dirty emulator) below