Time for another exclusive – this time the Epic MSX game Knightmare ported by the legendary h0ffman & Toni Galvez. This video is an exclusive preview showcasing the first of 8 solid levels. Trust me when I say that this game is tough, really tough. The second level is nuts, I’ve never been so happy to have a trainer!

This masterpiece will feature

  • Enhanced Amiga Soundtrack and SFX
  • New music for all 8 levels and boss fights
  • All graphics redrawn in 32 colours by Toni Galvez

Great news for all you OCS users – Knightmare will be compatible with any Amiga running 512k chip + 512k other RAM This is just a preview, the game is in its final stages of development and due for release very soon!

We’ll keep you up to date with the development of Knightmare but from what we’ve seen, this promises to be one of the very best “new” Amiga titles we’ve played in a long time. If you’re not familiar with the original then check out http://bifi.msxnet.org/msxnet/konami/knightmare/

Recorded on an A1200 using an OSSC / Elgato game capture HD.

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