Turbo Santa is back with the release of Turbo Santa DX22. With more features, more prizes and more vegetables. DX22 is a stunning and highly addictive follow up from last year’s epic release.

This storming arcade classic from the wizard that is Nivrig brings a whole new level off frantic present delivering mayhem. As with last years installment the dastardly Grunch is back, stealing both presents and bonus multipliers.

Born from the Turbo Tomato franchise, Turbo Santa offers one of the fastest paced arcade experiences for the Amiga. With the new endless mode and golden presents, you’ll be hooked in no time.

As with last years release, Nivrig games have opened the leaderboards for players of DX22. Despite being only 9 days into the competition, there have been a wave of entries includes some epic scores from the likes of Girolamo, Jakethedog and even Retro32 (currently in 10th place). The best six scores will be able to choose from a variety of prizes including some kindly dontated by yours truly.

For more information check out the official page on itch – https://nivrig.itch.io/turbo-santa/devlog/451931/turbo-santa-dx22-released – also be sure to check out Turbo Tomato which is available as a stunning boxed copy from Bitmapsoft – https://www.bitmapsoft.co.uk/product/turbo-tomato/

As with last years game, we have produced a stunning disk label for DX22. You can download the game and label from https://nivrig.itch.io/turbo-santa