The Amiga community is buzzing today with the news that we will finally be getting an “official” Amiga mini console. Here’s the official word on the machine

Now other classic consoles are just toys!
Introducing The A500® Mini, a compact reimagining of this classic home computer. Featuring perfect emulation of not only the original A500 (OCS) and Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) of future revisions, but also the Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) of the A1200. Play one of the included 25 classic Amiga games, selected from a simple to use carousel, including all-time greats like Alien Breed 3D, Another World, Simon the Sorcerer and Worms, or side-load your own games via USB stick with full WHDLoad support and an array of options to choose from. Plus save and resume your game at any time to help you finish those punishingly difficult classics.
The THE A500® Mini comes with the original style 2-button mouse and newly engineered 8-button precision gamepad, allowing you to choose your control method. To compliment the on-screen keyboard, you can plug in an external standard USB PC keyboard for additional functionality.

  • 25 classic Amiga games included, featuring: Alien breed 3D, Another World, ATR: All terrain Racing, Battle Chess, Cadaver, Kick Off 2, Pinball Dreams, Simon the Sorcerer, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe, The Chaos Engine, Worms: The Director’s Cut, Zool: Ninja Of The ”Nth” Dimension
  • Emulates Amiga 500, 600 & 1200 (ECS/OCS/AGA)
  • Save & resume game functions
  • Via USB, add your own games, update the firmware, and connect your own devices (USB memory stick required (NOT supplied)). THE A500® Mini is compatible with 100’s of classic Amiga games and demos, utilising WHDLoad for simplicity (games must be legally obtained/purchased from the legal owners)
  • 50/60Hz in 720p HD via HDMI
  • Multiple scaling options & CRT filt

Our First thoughts

Our initial thoughts were actually how they managed to resolve the licensing and trademark issues that have plagued the Amiga “industry” for many years, but considering that the likes of Amazon are allowing pre-orders it looks like they have overcome this. The Support for WHDLoad will open up the machine and I’m sure we’ll see some very creative software installations, benchmarks, and demos running on the mini A500 very soon after we all get our mitts on them. We’re excited about this new Amiga mini console and have already pre-ordered our from Amazon.

How much is it?

Priced at £119.99 it’s a little more than I would expect for a Mini console with a fake keyboard but we’ll overlook that for now. However. we will be looking forward to the possibility of a Maxi console which could feature a full size Amiga keyboard

How to preorder

Amazon is currently taking pre-orders for the console. Click the link below to secure yours

Let’s hear from you!

Will you be ordering an A500 Mini? Do you think the price is justified? Let us know in the comments below