Name a more iconic duo…

Sensible Software nailed it with a stroke of pure genius. Our favorite war shooter combined with arguably the best football (or soccer for our Amerian friends) game ever made.

This “demo” was a Christmas cover disk on the 1994 copy of Amiga Format magazine. It featured just two levels, “Land of Hope and Glory”, and “It’s Snow Time”. The game is essentially two extra levels for Cannon Fodder and did not get released as a title in its own right.

Both of the levels are little more tricky than I remember the original title – mainly due to that ****ing helicopter.

We’ve got a stack of coverdisks to go through so expect some more “demo” videos coming soon.


Check out our video of Cannon Soccer in action – I even managed to complete Chapter 1! It’s Snow time proved to be a little more challenging, thanks to that helicopter and unlike the first level we’ve not seen it land as yet.