This is one of those titles best left a distant memory and through rose-tinted glasses.

Despite those glorious graphics and an extensive country list – this game is near impossible to play. Even the slightest mistake renders your car into the nearest hedge as you have your ass handed to you again and again. The only saving grace is that unlike many “tough as nails” Amiga games, this game does let you progress further than you feel you deserve. Give me ATR or Skidmarks any day.


Don’t take our word for it, check it out in our video below. How this game let me play for 30 minutes is beyond me. For those interested, it was recorded using our beloved Amiga 1200 (8MB Fast RAM) using an OSSC.


Magazine Review

Amiga format hit the nail on this head with this review, although they were a little generous with their rating if you ask me.