After playing Turbo Tomato at the last Norwich Amiga Group meet you could say that I’m a little obsessed with the game. So imagine my festive delight when the games developer NIVRIG confirmed that Turbo Santa would be dropping next week (Sunday December 5th to be precise).

This Christmas version of the epic Turbo Tomato features a whopping 20 waves of gift delivering action as our hero attempts to save the day after Santa slept in.

In an interview with the French Boing magazine, he said

The premise is that Santa has slept in and now Turbo Santa must deliver gifts against the clock before the children wake up! It’s based on the Turbo Tomato engine, of course, adapted to wave-based score-attack gameplay of throwing gifts to children instead of destroying mutants with bombs.

I was aiming for the feel of a Christmas coverdisk of a 90’s Amiga magazine with a seasonal take on an existing game, like Cannon Soccer or Christmas Lemmings for example. And like the coverdisks of old, Turbo Santa is free!

It’s a mix of a thank you, a bit of nostalgic fun to entertain you over the holidays, and a bit of a sign-off for me from working on Turbo Tomato after all this time.

We’re absolutely giddy with the excitement of this release and can also confirm that there will be prizes on offer for those high score heros (with some of those being given by yours truly)

Check out the video below and check back soon for the full details. For more information on this and other Nivrig games check out the website