With the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ being in such short supply, we’ve put together a video showing how the Pi Zero 2 compares to its big brother.

Considering the PiZero 2 is has a slower CPU (1 Ghz vs 1.4) and only half the RAM (512MB) our SysInfo test reveals that it’s around 35% down on the 3A+ but still more than acceptable with more demanding games such as Frontier 2, F18 and our benchmarking favourite, Zeewolf 2.

At around £10 cheaper than the 3, the Z2 represents pretty good value and has more than enough performance and features (namely wireless) to make the difference negligible in my eyes. Unfortunately, despite strong stock levels at the beginning of the Z2 lifecycle, it’s also become harder to find due to the chip shortage. Fingers crossed things improve soon.

Check out the video below and also our store where we have a limited supply of PiStorms available to order.

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