You certainly didn’t see many Amiga games bundled with a VHS tape back in the day. In fact, it what quite a surprise to see the VHS tape inside our big-box copy of WWF WrestleMania (1991).

This little gem from the WWF distributer Silver Vision was a promotional tape included with the game, and as you’d expect, features some interesting editing effects and cut scenes including watermelon eating and bikinis alongside our spandex-clad, body slamming childhood heroes!

Keep your eyes out for a game video/review coming very soon.


Since YouTube took issue with this video on our channel, we’ve had no choice to host it on our website. It’s stupid really, this video was released nearly 30 years ago for a “legacy” computer platform and in a video format no longer supported.

Video recorded with a Ferguson FVD100-01 VHS DVD Combo player (composite out)  to Elgato Game Capture HD – edited with Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 (Thanks to Mark M for letting us use his VHS player)