Let’s face it, I didn’t get my Switch for Mario or any other triple-A Nintendo games. I got it for the huge array of indie and retro games available on the portable platform. It really is a retro powerhouse.

Whilst the conventional controllers are just about comfortable enough, they don’t exactly do older games justice, luckily for us, someone has fixed that.

It’s not just connecting a custom old school style Bluetooth controller either like the 8BitDo, this is a beautifully executed joy-con grip controller that you’d be hard pushed to believe it wasn’t something Nintendo had put on the shelves.

Produced by Shankmod, it wasn’t a hacksaw and gluegun project. The project pulled on a huge array of components from not only the switch but also the Wii U. They offer all the features of the Switch joycons but with that oh so beautiful athletic that’s no longer seen in modern controllers.

The level of craftsmanship and finish is astounding, and judging by the other projects we have seen from Shankmods, this won’t be the last we see of him.

Check out the full video below and please take note Nintendo. We want these. A LOT.

Check out the shankmods youtube channel and IG account for more information on this and other projects from this very talented man.