Despite my absolute disgust for Ubisoft’s “pay to play” dance game, they are now offering one free month of Just Dance Unlimited on Just Dance 2020.

In our household, this couldn’t have come at a better time thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown and Easter break.

This offer was originally dismissed like the countless other demands by my “Princess” to stump up the cash for the Just Dance Unlimited service despite already paying for a “full” game. It’s not even the “premium” songs that really pi** me off, its how they litter the paid content within the included tracks just to tease players and infuriate parents who have now just learned that a £50 game now requires a monthly f***ing subscription.

Whilst I’m thankful that Ubisoft has been sooooo generous in giving us a month of Just Dance Unlimited, I hope they take this opportunity to do the right thing and give parents the ability to hide the premium content from what should be a full game. It’s just not cricket.

So f*** you Ubisoft, go f*** yourselves, and thank you.

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More information can be found on the Ubisoft site