Yes, it’s a blatant copy of that iconic taxi game but we can’t just help loving it. The stunning cell-shaded graphics, addictive gameplay combined with a faithful recreation of Springfield make this a standout title on the PS2.

Even after nearly 20 years, it still feels fresh and I can’t but laugh at some of the character’s reactions. It’s no Crazy Taxi but still a great game and well worth a play.

For those of you wondering how this game went down with Sega, in 2003 they filed a lawsuit against Fox Interactive, Electronic Arts, and Radical Entertainment, claiming that The Simpsons: Road Rage was a patent infringement of Sega’s Crazy Taxi. In that game, the main objective is also to pick up passengers and drive them to their chosen destinations quickly. The lawsuit was settled in “private” mediation for an undisclosed amount, in other words, Sega won.


Video captured using our Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC) for that near-perfect picture “no emulation” – RGB Scart to a KAICO OSSC – Elgato Game Capture HD – Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro. Check out the OSSC on Amazon here –