The Amiga scene is no stranger to drama. In this week’s episode, Pedro the creator of the defacto PiStorm software has pulled CaffineOS from public access after AmiKit claimed that “some stuff” was stolen from their package.

There’s already enough discussion about this issue from both sides of the fence so I’ll remain neutral on this one (for once). What I will do is make sure that the link / torrents of this and any future release of CaffineOS are preserved for future generations.

With the discord gone and links soon to be removed from the PiStorm Facebook group, we’ll make sure this torrent continues to be made available to those looking to make the most of the PiStorm hardware.

We’ll also be looking to make the entire file downloadable as many of you are not comfortable or able to access torrents.

Always keep a bag of popcorn, drama is never far way in the Amiga community.