If like me, you spend a lot of your time in the car or on public transportation, you’ll have a wide selection of your favourite podcasts on hand at all time. Whilst some I dip in and out of depending on my mood, there is one that I look forward to every single Friday, The Retro Hour.

Hosted by smooth-talking Dan, Ravi and handsome Joe, the trio’s weekly show covers the world of retro and vintage computing. They offer an in-depth look into whats going on in the world of Retro gaming together with insights from special guests who offer their stories and experiences from the gaming scene back in the day.

They’ve been joined by some amazing guests over the years including David Pleasance (MD of Commodore), Charlie Brooker (Bandersnatch) and the mighty Utah Saints.

With over 200 shows under their belt, the boys continue to knock it out of the park each week with some amazing guests, topical news and reviews – all wrapped up in a slick and addictive format that has me hooked.

Head on over to their website – Theretrohour.com or search for The retro hour on your favourite podcast app. Trust me, if you like retro gaming, you won’t be disappointed.

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