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Has your Amiga power supply failed? Are you worried that about risking your beloved machine from a PSU failure / power spike?

We offer an Amiga Power Supply upgrade and repair service so you can sleep easy knowing that power isn’t an issue. You won’t have use use some modern looking monstrosity either, we reuse all the original cabling and switches.

NOTE: This service is only currently available in the UK. Do not order this if you are outside of the UK. Contact us [email protected] to discuss your options

How it works

You ship us your Amiga PSU and we do the rest. We’ll remove the old PSU board and replace it with a Mean Well RT-50B and post it back. It’s that simple.

Once you’ve “booked” your upgrade, we’ll send the shipping address (note that you are responsible for the postage costs, packaging and insurance of the PSU).

You’ll receive of video of your “new” PSU working together with photos during the upgrade process. Note that the old PSU board will be disposed of. We are happy to return it however this will increase shipping costs.

Unlike many (well most) other Amiga stores – you won’t wait 3 weeks either. We aim to turn our PSU replacements around in 24 hours and send back your refreshed PSU fully insured first class (in the UK)

Why Mean Well?

The Mean Well unit offers a reliable and safe solution with performance above and beyond even the most high power original supply.

It offers the following output



5v Amps 4 Amp
12v Amps 2.0 Amp
-12v Amps 0.5 Amp
Output Power 50w

Even the mighty A500 Type 2 power supply only offers up to 35.7 watts of power. This is a great upgrade for those of you concerned with additional power consumption of accelerator cards and other lovely additions.


Please get in touch via [email protected] if you are outside the UK, we’ll try work something out


This service is designed for replacement of the PSU board only. In the event that you have a faulty connector, cabling or power switch we will advise and can repair / replace as needed. Full quotes will be provided before any work takes please. TBH this is a very rare situation, I’ve never seen a faulty cable / connector or switch – we’re just covering ourselves here. In the event that the repair costs are rejected we will refund you minus the shipping costs to return your unit.



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