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Amiga RGB to HDMI CPLD PiZero Adapter Extra Long (TF) – Amiga 500 / Amiga 500+


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Do you want HDMI output from your Amiga 500 / 500+ without using a crappy RGB to HDMI converter or expensive OSSC?

Please be aware that this is for the Amiga 500 / 500+ only. It will not work on the Amiga 600 or Amiga 1200.

We have the answer with this Amiga RGB to HDMI CPLD adapter powered by the humble Raspberry PiZero.

NOTE that this is for the long version of the RGB board. For most cases, you should check out the normal one which we hold more stock of here

Amiga RGB to HDMI CPLD PiZero Adapter – Amiga 500 / Amiga 500+

Updated CPLD board design

This updated CPLD board design by Linux Jedi (affectionately known as long boi*) offers a number of advantages over the previous model

  • Stops sparkling effects due to timing issues on the previous designs
  • Support for Terrible Fire cards – this extra long boi has been designed to allow the use of the TF536 with the relocator. See photos for more info.
  • Support for PiStorm (relocates the Pi allowing both devices to be fitted)

How does it work?

The RGBtoHDMI interface converts the “digital” RGB video signal from vintage computers like the BBC Micro or PC MDA/CGA/EGA to HDMI or DVI compatible with most modern TVs/Monitors. The interface comprises a Raspberry Pi Zero and a specially designed Hat containing a small CPLD. Custom firmware on the Raspberry Pi, in conjunction with the CPLD, is able to correctly sample each of the supported video modes to give a pixel-perfect rendition. The HDMI output is locked to the input so there are no frame drops, repeats or tears and it also has low lag of around 4 milliseconds (less than a quarter of a frame).

Please note that the HDMI output DOES NOT carry audio. You will still need to use the audio outputs on the rear of the Amiga.

What do I need

If you are just ordering the adapter you will need the following items

1 x Raspberry PiZero (with headers)
1 x MicroSD card compatible with the Raspberry PiZero
1 x Mini HDMI cable to HDMI cable

You do not need a power supply for the PiZero. Power is supplied through the GPIO pins that attach to the Amiga.

What does it include

1 x Amiga RGB to HDMI PiZero Adapter – fully tested
1 x Email instruction on installation and use
1 x Control button / switch

We now offer the adapter and a pre-installed tested SD card. You will need to supply your own Pi Zero.

Complete Kit

Sorry, we’re struggling to get stock of Raspberry Pi Zeros so at present only the boards are available. Please contact us if you would like to pre-order a complete kit. (We currently have just 0 left in stock)

We’re currently having to source the Raspberry Pi Zero WH (due to supply issues) which is a little more expensive. This has been added as an option. We hope to have the cheaper Pi Zero in stock soon.

We also offer a complete kit, fully tested and loaded for the ultimate turn-key experience. This includes

1 x Amiga RGB to HDMI CPLD PiZero Adapter
1 x Control button / switch
1 x Raspberry PiZero (with headers) – non Wifi (Supplied with Pi Zero WH if selected)
1 x MicroSD (8GB) card compatible with the Raspberry PiZero – preinstalled with required software (latest version at point of sale)
1 x Mini HDMI cable to HDMI cable (0.9M)

We also now offer the complete kit without the PiZero.

Expansion Port Cover

We also offer a replacement Amiga 500 Expansion port cover with a hole pre-made to run your HDMI cable and button. These are offered with a 20% discount than if bought separately.

NOTE – We are NOT responsible for any damage to your Amiga or associated hardware by using this item. These will be tested before dispatch with photos/videos supplied. We will not accept returns of this item. Be aware that you must take care when removing the Amiga Denise chip from the motherboard. By purchasing this item you agree to these terms.

** Credits to Hoglet67 / C0pperdraggon and Ian B for the amazing work that’s been done on this project – You guys ROCK!**
** Even more credit to Linux Jedi for the updated board – you absolute legend** – his website

Pi Zero 2 support

We can confirm that this board does work with the Pi Zero 2 however this is in beta so use it at your own risk. Please see below the SD card files set up for the Amiga based around beta 48 from IanB –


Fitting Guide

We’ve had a lot of requests for a fitting guide so check out the following guide on our YouTube channel


Software should be downloaded from the link below


All our items are fully tested before dispatch. Many of our items require delicate fitting into aging computer systems. We do not accept returns of our PiStorm, RGB to HDMI Boards, Mouse adapters, Memory modules or any other PCB-based product as incorrect fitting can lead to the item being damaged by the customer. Our listing for these items clearly shows “no returns” which is why we offer a video on each of the product paging showing detailed instructions on how to fit. Do not place an order unless you agree to this. If you are unsure then please ask before ordering.

Additional information


Adapter Board only, Adapter Board with pre-installed SD card, Adapter Board with Cover, Complete Kit, Complete Kit with Cover, Complete Kit (PiZ WH), Complete Kit with Cover (PiZ WH), Complete Kit without the Pi Zero


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