Amiga wall mount / display bracket x2



This is how you store your Amiga collection… in style!

Rather than keep your Amiga collection squirreled away in a cupboard these brackets will allow you to display your beautiful machine.

We offer these in 3 different sizes

  • 48mm opening
  • 80mm opening
  • 100mm opening

The ones pictured are the 48mm opening. This is perfect for the A500 but I would consider the 80mm option for the Amiga 1200 due to the angle it sits, I use the smaller for my 1200 but have a small pin nail holding it at the top.

What’s Included

  • 2 x Amiga wall mount / display brackets

Whist these brackets are very strong, the Amiga 1200 sits at quite an angle. We’d recommend that you take steps to ensure that it stays on the wall. I take full faith in them but you can never be too careful! We’re not liable for any breakages / damages if your Amiga decides to take a fall.

Please note that these brackets are 3D printed and may feature some inconsistencies due to the printing process. All our items are QA checked.

Commodore 64

These brackets also support the glorious Commodore 64C!

Additional information


Black, White


48mm, 80mm, 100mm


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