Dogecoin Shiba Inu Lucky Charm DOGE




Who needs luck when you have a beautiful recreation of the beloved DOGE

Hang this above your window so you too can look to the moon and the prices that await the glorious coin.

Produced in the UK – support local business and support the DOGE CRYPTO Community


  • 1 x Charm measureing 65mm diameter x 7mm

For extra good luck we will require 10DOGE sent to our wallet to bless your charm with the paw our very own DOGGO “Rico”
For those that offer 10DOGE to Rico, you will receive a personalised photo of Rico with your charm “such WOW!”
* Wallet address provided after ordering for photo if required.

Please note that this item is 3D printed and may feature some inconsistencies due to the printing process. All our items are QA checked.


We offer FREE UK delivery on this item. Normal delivery charges outside the UK will apply


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