Headset Wall Mount Bracket Holder – floating



This mount has been custom made to follow the contours of the headset, censure a secure fitting. It features 1 x 5mm countersunk screw holes to hold it in place. The screen holes feature an oversize countersink to allow for many different types of fasteners

You will receive

  • 1 x headset Wall Mount Bracket Holder – floating (white)

Compatible with many types of headsets including Sony Playstation PS5, PS5, Xbox and PC

We can also supply this in black. Please add a note when ordering or contact us after purchase

UK Designed and produced all in house. Designed by gamers, for gamers!

Please note that these brackets are 3D printed and may feature some minor inconsistencies due to the printing process. All our items are QA checked.

Please ensure the bracket / controller is secured correctly. We take no responsibility for damage.


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