Since our Amiga Christmas Decorations went down so well my fellow enthusiasts, we thought we’d ride the sh1t show that is the PlayStation 5 release and produce our very own.

Like in many countries, the UK was hit by organised criminal masterminds who unleashed their bot armies to gobble up all the PS5 stocks – leaving me without a towering next-gen console. First world problems over here.

Since I didn’t want to be without a PS5 this Christmas, I’ve expertly crafted my very own PS5 for our family tree. In fact, I modelled the whole family for my fake green 6ft monstrosity.

Unlike many other UK retailers, we certainly won’t be going out of stock but we’d recommend getting them before the scalpers get wind and piss through my letterbox.

Order yours today from our online shop – and if you have a relative who’ll be disappointed by Santa this year, what better to cheer them up than a plastic reproduction of the very thing they want so bad. We accept PayPal and card payments (through PayPal) and ship world wide.

Sony PlayStation Generations Christmas tree decorations (6pc) Xmas (Gifts / Models) !! PS5 in Stock !!

Enjoy and please DO NOT BUY A PS5 from a scalper.