After the astounding success of their inaugural meet, the crew over at SPAG (Stamford Peterborough Amiga Group) have confirmed their next meeting – SPAG 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Once again, this FREE event will be hosted at the Italian Community Centre in Peterborough and will feature a number of exciting exclusives not usually seen at Amiga group meets. As with SPAG 1, the event is fully sponsored and organised by yours truly at Retro32.

The lucky SPAGGERS will be treated to an evening surrounded by fellow Amiga enthusiasts plus

  • A live twitch stream sponsored by SPAG by the one and only djh0ffman. Who will be mixing some banging Amiga tunes in the name of SPAG and enjoying his very own cans of Electric Boogaloo from his studio.
  • Another exclusive look at the latest Alpha build of R/Declan from Nivrig games
  • Playtesting of the upcoming release of 1942 from RetroDNA.
  • Amiga game giveaways kindly donated by Nivrig Games and Geezer games.

To accompany this announcement,  the group has turned things up a notch with this Textual Invite created by the amazingly talented ASCII artist FuZioN of nkx. You can check it out in all it’s old school glory below. For more information head on over to the SPAG website, Facebook group or official discord