For many people, an Oculus Quest 2 was waiting under their tree Christmas morning – Thanks Santa!. Being such an affordable and accessible device it’s opened the door to many newcomers to the world of VR (including me) so we thought we would share this little gem posted by Christian Isaac over on the Oculus Quest 2 UK Community

  1. Don’t play fast-moving, walking or floating games straight away. Over time you will get used to the VR experience.
  2. Motion sickness WILL happen so don’t play more than 30 minutes at a time to start with, it does get better over time. Having a fan on you is known to reduce sickness, it also prevents some misting.
  3. Any games or apps you buy are forever on your Facebook account so deleting and reinstalling at any time is OK.
  4. If you or someone in your household wears glasses use the spacer that’s included; if not your glasses will scratch the lenses permanently. You can also buy rings that fit around the lenses for 100% protection.
  5. Do NOT expose your Quest to sunlight, ever! (This is not a joke!)
  6. There will be blur around the edges so learn to turn your head more to look around and not your eyeballs; your eyes should always be forward. If you think your experiencing more than normal blur try the glasses spacer and check you have the right IPD setting for your eyes.
  7. If you have young kids do no let them play poker, there are rumours that this can get your account banned if reported multiple times (it may be fake coin but its still gambling!).
  8. There will be ALOT of kids (aka squeakers) in multiplayer games so if you have younger kids then monitor what they are playing or hearing as foul language and abuse other “kids” give is horrendous, there are many fun single-player games for youngsters available.
  9. You can refund up to five games a month but only if you have played them less than two hours and within fourteen days of purchase.
    Bundle deals are NOT refundable!
  10. If space is an issue use a rug as an extra boundary so when you step off it your know place in the real world (wall’s hurt and TV”s are expensive).
  11. Your controllers take one standard AA battery each, rechargeable will last longer usually. The included batteries are higher voltage only so they last longer when new.
  12. There are hidden games and apps in the store “aka AppLab” these are in production or not approved/tested by Oculus for regular retail sale; they activate from the links at:
  13. If your Oculus freezes or becomes unresponsive then it may be updating; mashing buttons will just make it take even longer to recover, leave it plugged in and leave it alone for a while and it should sort itself out.
  14. What do the lights on the OQ2 mean? Red light is low battery, amber is charging, green light is fully charged and white light is normal operation.
  15. A red dot in your viewing area means you are casting live or recording, you can turn this off and on in the home menu.
  16. The right “Oculus” button brings up the home menu, holding it for a few seconds resets the view, you can also use this to adjust hight and reset viewing angle in most games.
  17. First Contact is a very good free “fun” introduction to all aspects of VR for players of all ages, roller coasters are NOT good for showing your friends VR!
  18. Mission: ISS will make most people severely ill after a few minutes even if your sitting down, save that game for someone you don’t like..
  19. Every so often by email you will get a 30% discount code, this seems to be totally random and you can get more than one (I’ve had 4/5 since 2020).
  20. If your sharing your device its a good idea to get a cheap gel cover for the face foam as putting someone else’s sweaty foam on your face is not a nice feeling and it actually keeps your face cooler (the gel not the sweat!).

Many Thanks again to Christian Isaac for these epic tips. I’d also like to give thanks to the many members over on the Oculus Quest 2 UK Community, as well as the 1,000,000 referrals codes – they have proved to be a very friendly and helpful group of people. Hats off to you all.

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