Originally released for DOS in 1988 by Anco Software, this cheeky little title was probably the most mislabeled “game” in many teenage collections.

Despite its alluring start screen I never managed to get a full “win” over Sam or Donna. Now that I’ve grown up got older I can just about hold my own in a game of poker – enough to treat you to an amazing show of permed lovelies swapping their clothes for cold hard currency.


Whist the graphics might be lacking compared to today’s 4K streamable “entertainment”, the thrill of winning that last piece of clothing still captivates me.

Developers / Publicher: Anco Software Ltd
Platforms: DOS, Commodore 64, Amiga and Amstrad CPC.

YouTube Video

Before you comment on my unique “style” of poker, I have to admit to looking up the rules before playing this game. Still, we got there in the end despite some disk loading issues that rendered one of the images a little corrupt.