Just when you thought the Amiga mini has given it’s all, we’re delighted to announce that AMiNIMiga v211 has been released!

The latest build includes a whole host of new features, updates and fixes to make this the most feature-rich and comprehensive version of AMiNIMiga yet. Built on Pandory 500, version 211 now comes with some killer features including:

  • Internet access (using a compatible ethernet adapter) – A500 mini ethernet adapter FAQ
  • Amiberry Emulator updated to 5.6
  • Multiplayer games internet games
  • Internet applications such as iBrowse and DCTelnet (Retro32 BBS anyone)
  • WHDLoad updated to the latest slaves.

This release is only currently available to AMiNIMiga Patreon Community – https://www.patreon.com/aminimiga and through the USB writing service here on Retro32. The public release will follow “soon”. We’d highly recommend you check out the Patreon to support further development. We can also confirm that a proportion of the USB stick sales through Retro32 goes back to support AMiNIMiga too.

We’d like to thank Jimmy, the creator of AMiNIMiga for all his hard work and dedication to the project. It’s an absolutely stunning release for the Amiga 500 Mini (A500) and turns it into the machine it should have been. The inclusion of internet access is just the cherry on top and makes this one of the best Amiga experiences outside of real hardware at a fraction of the price.

AMiNIMiga Official USB stick (A500 mini) distro (writing service) – 64GB USB

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