It’s safe to say that the Retro32 BBS has been a massive success. It’s busier than ever and the SysOP team have been busy behind the scenes tweaking the board and improving the beautiful ASCii designs (big up to fuzion!). At the time of this post, we have 86 users registered, so spread the work and let’s see if we can break into the 100s!

New Doors

We’ve added the one you’ve all been asking for… Dope Wars! This classic dealing game has been a hot topic with board visitors so it’s great to give the people what they want. Murder Mansion is also available too with more on the way.

New Features

We’ve now added the top users listings to the main page. These display a variety of stats including top callers and uploaders. These will be updated on a nightly basis. Be sure to keep active on the board and climb that leader board!

New downloads

In case you didn’t know, at the core of the BBS is the downloads. We’ve been digging through our own personal archives to offer some Amiga downloads that had been previously lost in time. We’ve also started uploading some more “grown-up” downloads for you to enjoy in the privacy of your bedroom. Just make sure you lock the door!

How do I connect?

Want to access the BBS? You can do this from the convenience of any modern machine or even from a REAL amiga. Check out our connection guide below.

Retro32 BBS Connection Guide

What do you want?!

Are there any doors, features or downloads you’d like to see on the BBS. Do you have some little gems you’d like to see on there? Let us know in the comments below or contact us on the website or using our socials!