This stunning game from Project R3D is our first experience with a “new” Amiga game.

It certainly does not disappoint with beautiful AGA graphics, stunning sound and great gameplay.

If you like Bridge Strike then you can support the devs and get your very own boxed copy of the game – link below

We’re looking forward to some more time with this epic game – it’s pretty tough as you’d expect but with 42 levels over 4 different worlds. We’re looking forward to making some real progress in the game.

** Update ** We stand corrected about this being an AGA game however the system requirements are OCS, 14 MHz CPU, 1 MB Chip, 1 MB Fast RAM


Video captured using our beloved Amiga 1208 (+8MB) – RGB Scart to Elgato. Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro. Click for information on how to connect your Amiga to a modern TV